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Dear Friend,

Okay, here's the latest--we're getting ready to close on the Euclid and Sorrento buildings. We don't even want to tell you all of the burps, hiccups, headaches, knuckle-whitening moments and opportunities for prayer that have gone into making this happen. Thank you for all of your prayers--we've been leaning on them.

   Meanwhile, old residents are coming home to the Ritz, and new residents are moving in. A community is forming. This Thanksgiving, we have so much to be grateful for, and want to let you know how much your support matters to the Jubilee Housing community.

- Kathy

It Feels Like Community

Katie Sacripanti

“For me, this is about giving back to my community,” says volunteer Katie Sacripanti, who comes weekly to work with the youngest children in Jubilee Youth Services. “Plus, I can see the impact this program is having in the lives of these children.”

   Katie, who works at Boston Properties and serves on the Jubilee Support Alliance Board, started volunteering in 2008. “I wanted to work with the littlest kids because I figured that I could keep up with their work,” she says with a smile. Then the children hooked her in. “They’re so smart, and so creative,” she explains.

   The program’s emphasis on teaching respect and personal responsibility really speaks to her. “I like helping them learn to be accountable. I also like helping them set goals, and encouraging them to work hard at school. They’re so bright and energetic; I want them to be able to go to college and get a good education.”

   Katie is highly committed to her one hour per week—and so is her office. “My work can get pretty overwhelming at times,” she admits, “but they are very supportive when I say it’s time for me to be with the kids.”

   For her, volunteering is “a great return on investment. I give this hour, but I get so much back.” Sometimes, she’ll run into one of the JYS kids in the neighborhood “and everyone is so excited. I love that,” she says. “It feels like community.”


Meet Stephanie Vann

Stephanie VannAfter years of trying, Stephanie Vann and her three children are officially becoming Jubilee Housing residents. Stephanie first heard about Jubilee Housing five years ago, and began stopping by to see if there were any openings. Then, last May, Stephanie stood in line all night at the Festival Center as more than 400 people waited for the chance to receive an application for the newly re-developed building. “I saw all these people just like me trying to find a decent place to live. I didn't know what my chances would be," she said.

   A Washington native, Stephanie has been living in Northeast Washington. “I read a quote the other day from a woman who said that ‘a rotten place to live leads to a rotten life.’ That’s what I’ve been feeling like. I am looking forward to moving into my beautiful apartment.  Just like the apartment is new and fresh, I feel like I am being given a fresh opportunity.”  

   Please give a big welcome to Stephanie and her family.

Interested in finding out how YOU can be more involved with Jubilee Housing? Email us: info@jubileehousing.org